Industries Served

Our firm specializes in valuing privately-held businesses and entities that hold real estate and other assets.  We have completed hundreds of engagements for clients representing a variety of organizations, ranging from small businesses and family limited partnerships to large corporations with revenues of over $350 million.  We have valued businesses ranging from small high-tech startups with primarily intangible assets to large, established manufacturing firms with a large tangible asset base.  A number of valuations involve fair market value determinations for ESOPS and estate and gift taxes. Many others involve purchase and sale transactions, family limited partnerships & LLCs, complex equity structures, and litigation support.

Representative Industries

Center Point has extensive knowledge in a wide variety of industries and market sectors, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences (biotechnology/pharmaceutical, etc.)
  • Business and Consumer Services
  • Communications (wireless, internet, networking, etc.)
  • Technology – Software and Hardware
  • Construction Contractors & Real Estate
  • Consumer Products
  • E-Content & E-Commerce
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution/Wholesale
  • Retail

Our professionals have the experience and know-how to establish the value of your business, regardless of industry or location, with solid empirical evidence supporting our conclusions.  Our knowledge and experience in finance, accounting, economics, and statistics enables us to handle assignments that require solid academic credentials.