Center Point specializes in valuing businesses and business interests ranging from stock options to the sale of an entire company.

Our Services

IRS Section 409A – Stock Options and Other Securities
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
Estate & Gift Tax Valuations
Business Ownership Transactions, Transfers & Sales
Intangible Asset Purchase Price Allocations (FASB ASC 805)
Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

Why us?


Our clients require 100% confidence in our abilities and credibility. This is why Center Point is grounded in values of independence, objectivity, honesty, and integrity.


When it comes to business valuations services for areas such as ESOPs, issuance of employee stock options, estate and gift tax matters, shareholder disputes and litigation, and purchase price allocation of intangible assets, experience matters.

Independence & Objectivity

Our greatest asset at Center Point Business Valuations is our team of talented and professional staff.  Our experienced staff produces responsive and insightful solutions to the most complex valuation scenarios.


As a trusted business advisor, we are committed to delivering reliable and high quality services at competitive rates. We work on either an hourly or fixed fee basis depending on the complexity and purpose of the engagement.


We know that the most important aspect of our business is you. We are easy to work with and want our clients to trust in our advice completely.


Center Point provides independent, USPAP certified business valuations and stakes its reputation on every valuation report we issue.


“I’ve worked with Greg Tesone on a variety of valuation engagements for a number of different clients and I always consider his work to be of the highest quality and reliability. I only hire the best when it comes to my clients.”

James R. GoodePresident, The Goode Company

“We’ve been working with Center Point for several years now on valuation projects involving complicated venture financing arrangements that have made the valuation tasks much more difficult for Center Point than typical valuations. Throughout all of this work, Center Point has delivered detailed, accurate, & timely valuations.”

Rob FeinVP of Business Development, Trex Enterprises Corporation

“Center Point asked the right questions to understand our business thoroughly and deliver a well-structured report under a tight deadline. I highly recommend their valuation services.”

Paul FrankelCo-President, Wm. M. Perkins Company Inc.

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